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Evolution Of The Colour Tints

Evolution Of The Colour Tints

Alfaparf Milano Evolution of the Color Cube is a permanent hair coloring cream, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and formulated without PPD. Evolution of the Color delivers color excellence, 100% grey coverage, longevity, and perfect hair integrity thanks to its innovative 3D technology and Italian formula.

The 3D Technology perfectly colors hair due to three exclusive components:

  • Multi Lamellar Vehicle (MLV) protects the pigments during the mixing phase to prevent oxidation and allow pigments to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Pigments remain small, and as a result, the cuticle remains undamaged, softer, and with a more vibrant color.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA) delivers unbeatable, long-lasting color results with increased shine and exceptional hydration and conditioning properties. It allows a perfectly even color distribution and adherence, for better coverage and greater elasticity.
  • Hyper-Intense Color System (HCI) are crystallized micro-pigments to penetrate the shaft for a higher pigment concentration and minimal opening of the cuticle. Pigments transform into complex molecules that give an extremely pure and shiny end-result.
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