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Colour Wear Demi

Colour Wear Demi

Alfaparf Milano Color Wear is vegan demi-permanent color. This renewed formula with patented technology stands out due to its gentleness on the hair, offering a variety of salon services and color customization without compromising on performance.

With over 40 shades, now mixed with Oxid'O, its maximum performance includes 100% gray coverage, increased color longevity, enhanced combability, dynamic shine and increased hair integrity. Free from ammonia, MEA (ethanolamine), PPD, Alcohol and Silicones.

This vegan formula is Arginine-based - which is an amino acid, 100% of natural origin, very similar to the hair as its already present in the protein structure. Also including a blend of semi-fermented oils of natural origin with nourishing, anti-oxidant, protective and anti-frizz properties (Contains: Camellia Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Green Tea Oil, and Sunflower Oil).

Its innovative gel cream structure allows for an easy application and rinse off. It does not drip and the emulsifying complex (patented) enables the color to be distributed consistently for an even-looking result. All of these new characteristics ensure increased shine, hair integrity, combability, and color longevity.

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